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“ARKA ART announces the inaugural edition of its first group exhibition curated by its owner and director Estefania QuijadaAn open call was announced on February 8th and over 30 submissions were received. 12 young Houston artists were selected for their unique vision, excellence in concept and execution, and finally the pertinence of the work to the present.

The exhibition will include pieces by Oluwah Akinyemi, Jamie Robertson, Kirby Gladstein, Alex Zapata, KaDavien Baylor, Hugo Perez, Erica Lee, Macy Partain, Troi Speaks, Amanda Powers, Nala Alan and Pia Roque.

ARKA ART wants to introduce the work of these wonderful young artists to the Houston community, so they can keep growing and so Houstonians can know and support local art.”—ARKA ART

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Evidence Tampered @Alabama Song

EVIDENCE TAMPERED is an exhibition of work from artists who are grappling with questions of absence in the archive ~ how that space can be affected ~ Archives cannot live as they are, they must be tampered with (✿ ◕‿◕) ᓄ✂ in order to reflect the greatest quantity of truthiness, even though we know, as a collective, that what we consider to be a “☆*:.truth.:*☆” is commutable. ╰༼ •̀۝•́ ༽╯

The show will work as a space of experimentation and reflection for the artists to engage audiences in their practices that span video, photography, installation, and performance. (◕‿◕✿)

Brought to you by: Maha Claire Elestwani and Tia-Simone Gardner
Jamie Robertson
Erin Carty
Junior Fernandez
Rontaye Butler
Jorge Cervantes
Qindeel Butt
Jessica Gonzalez
Stephanie Spurgin
Katie Lanier


Through the Lens brings together three photographers whose art addresses the complexities of identity. Race, sexual orientation, gender, and nationality are just a handful of the ways in which we may identify ourselves and others, and this exhibition explores the nuances of those identities, including notions of representation and self-presentation.  A lens refers to a camera mechanism focusing on a photographic subject.  A lens is also a metaphor referring to our perspective of looking at the world, and subsequently how we relate to it.  Through the Lens takes both the literal and metaphorical meaning of our featured artists’ current series to help us explore on own perceptions.